Now What?! Deep Purple!

I think my love for music started with Deep Purple, that’s why they are very special to me. Later I discovered many other musicians but DP still means so much to me!

I saw Deep Purple 3 times during their Now What?! tour: in London, Moscow and very nice Italian town Brescia. Despite the similar setlist, all shows were different from each other! Ian, Roger, Ian, Steve and Don were great as always! It’s so incredible to see 5 legendary musicians at one stage. All 3 shows were filled with happiness, smiling people on stage and everywhere around. The band played their amazing classics and new songs, the sound was absolutely fantastic during each song!

“Now What?!” album is dedicated to the “Uncommon Man”, the greatest Jon Lord, who is sorely missed and always remembered. His music inspired and will always inspire so many people! Thanks for that, Maestro! “But the Man is still alive.. It’s good to be king..”

I’m looking forward to Deep Purple new album “Infinite” which will be released on 7th April 2017 and their Long goodbye tour. Anyway I still hope it will not be a goodbye, and they continue making people around the world happy with their music and live shows!

Ian Paice: “The music is infinite. The music is immortal. It’s a document in the same way you could go to a museum and see something that was done 300 years ago. It’s there forever, that’s infinite.”

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