Mike Ross, Moscow, April 2019

Mike has his own unique style which combines blues rock, psychedelic rock, delta blues, Chicago style blues. His live shows are really worth to experience, because they are filled with unique music, powerful voice, virtuosic guitar playing, great sound quality and charismatic performance. Mike takes listeners on a detailed history tour of incredible music beginning in the Mississippi Delta at the beginning of the 20th century and finishing up right back in the present moment.

Mike has been working with many musicians including Black Crowes founder Rich Robinson and country legend Steve Earle. His own albums sound really fantastic and inspiring, it’s absolutely necessary to check them out for every fan of great unique and stylish music.


Jimmy C, Moscow, October 2018

Amazing show by Jimmy C last night! Jimmy played some blues classics such as Hoochie Coochie Man, Thrill is gone and many others as long as his own great songs. The show was filled with energy, positive vibes and smiles. Audience was dancing and singing along and didn’t want Jimmy to leave the stage! So he played for almost 3 hours!

Also many thanks to the band and special guest harmonica player Marty Muniz who sounded fantastic together!

Jimmy C_Moscow_0008


Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, London, 24 Sept 2018

Pink Floyd famously opened the Roundhouse venue back in 1966 and yesterday Nick Mason and his supergroup Saucerful of Secrets returned there with an amazing setlist of their early classics. I was absolutely thrilled by the crystal clear sound, fantastic visuals, psychedelic music. It was like a time traveling to 60s.


Will Wilde, Moscow, 2018

Will Wilde opened a new season of British Blues Invasion festival with an amazing show in Moscow. The most interesting part is that Will created his own style of playing guitar solos on a harmonica. Some people think that harmonica sounds boring (yeah, I know those people!), go and check Will out, you will definitely change your opinion. His harmonica playing greatly combines blues sound with rock tunes covered by his emotional vocals. Will played along with very talented Russian band Folkline who introduced us some blues and folk classics.


Will Johns in Moscow

Will Johns came to Moscow as a part of British Blues Invasion festival. It was simply a fantastic show, Will played his own great songs and some blues classics. Will is not only a musician, but also an exciting performer with the unique guitar technique. 2.5 hours of live music but it felt like one minute! The band’s sound was amazing, crystal clear and so detailed!

Leading the Will Johns Band he has performed with many renowned artists such as Joe Strummer, Ronnie Wood, Jack Bruce and Bill Wyman.

For more information, music links, updates please visit Will’s website:



Buddy Guy’s Birthday Bash at Legends

Buddy Guy’s Birthday Bash was a really great sold out event which took place at Buddy’s club in Chicago.
The Legend turned 81 young, but he is still touring all year, traveling all over the world, recording new music and his live performances are the greatest I have ever seen.
When Buddy is around, the place is filled with smiles, happiness and great vibes!

Many great musicians were playing that night, Marty Sammon and his band played an amazing show, everyone at the club absolutely enjoyed it, actually Marty was playing pretty much the whole night, filling the venue with real blues!
The rising star Quinn Sullivan was jamming with great guitarist Carmen Venderberg.

Then another young and super talented guitar player Leilani Kilgore appeared on stage with Earl Slick.

Jamiah Rodgers took the stage with a solo performance. It was really amazing to be surrounded by so many talented musicians, who absolutely enjoy what they are doing.

The show was continued by the two absolutely great musicians Toronzo Cannon and Kate Moss.

Gary Clark Jr. came to Chicago to celebrate Buddy’s Birthday too but unfortunately he didn’t play that night.
Buddy usually doesn’t play during his Birthday celebrations but this time he appeared on stage. The audience immediately began to dance and sing along!
Overall it was an awesome night of Blues! Buddy is still keeping blues alive, he is an inspiration to so many great musicians!



Buddy Guy in London

Buddy Guy once again! 🙂 This time in London! It is impossible to get tired of his shows! Buddy and his band always sound fantastic and they really love what they are doing, and the audience loves them back! The venue was filled with happiness, amazing music and smiles as usual.


Don Airey & Friends

Don Airey & Friends, what a great band! I was lucky to see them in Vienna for the second time, absolutely fantastic show, filled with so much energy and great music! If you have a chance to see their show, don’t miss it! Now I’m looking forward to their new album! 🙂
Many thanks to Don Airey, Carl Sentance, Laurence Cottle, Simon McBride, Jon Finnigan for the great show!
I was also photographing that concert, amazing experience!!


Now What?! Deep Purple!

I think my love for music started with Deep Purple, that’s why they are very special to me. Later I discovered many other musicians but DP still means so much to me!

I saw Deep Purple 3 times during their Now What?! tour: in London, Moscow and very nice Italian town Brescia. Despite the similar setlist, all shows were different from each other! Ian, Roger, Ian, Steve and Don were great as always! It’s so incredible to see 5 legendary musicians at one stage. All 3 shows were filled with happiness, smiling people on stage and everywhere around. The band played their amazing classics and new songs, the sound was absolutely fantastic during each song!

“Now What?!” album is dedicated to the “Uncommon Man”, the greatest Jon Lord, who is sorely missed and always remembered. His music inspired and will always inspire so many people! Thanks for that, Maestro! “But the Man is still alive.. It’s good to be king..”

I’m looking forward to Deep Purple new album “Infinite” which will be released on 7th April 2017 and their Long goodbye tour. Anyway I still hope it will not be a goodbye, and they continue making people around the world happy with their music and live shows!

Ian Paice: “The music is infinite. The music is immortal. It’s a document in the same way you could go to a museum and see something that was done 300 years ago. It’s there forever, that’s infinite.”



The veteran Scottish rockers are back on stage with the new singer Carl Sentence (actually Nazareth introduced Carl to fans almost 2 years ago, time flies!!) I heard different opinions if the band should continue touring considering founding lead singer Dan McCafferty had to step down from the lineup due to health problems. But I think after having experienced Carl on stage with Nazareth nobody would have any doubts how great he is. In my opinion it was absolutely right decision to continue touring and recording new albums (hopefully!) even without Dan. They are keeping the great music alive and giving people an opportunity to hear it live! I’ve seen Nazareth twice and both shows were amazing, full of passion and energy!