Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, London, 24 Sept 2018

Pink Floyd famously opened the Roundhouse venue back in 1966 and yesterday Nick Mason and his supergroup Saucerful of Secrets returned there with an amazing setlist of their early classics. I was absolutely thrilled by the crystal clear sound, fantastic visuals, psychedelic music. It was like a time traveling to 60s.


Roger Waters, Us + Them, Moscow 2018

Roger Waters in Moscow yesterday! Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever seen! Everything was amazing, sound, music, setlist which contained Pink Floyd classics and songs from Roger’s new album, show with so many interesting details. Roger almost cried and said in the end of the show after 10 minutes ovation “It’s getting very emotional”. And yes. It was very-very emotional! Of course it’s impossible to hide from politics at Roger’s shows. But he has a right to share his views even if they are controversial sometimes. Overall it was truly unforgettable experience!


Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains

I visited Pink Floyd exhibition in London last week. Absolutely worth seeing it! It is not just an exhibition but a great virtual tour through all years of Pink Floyd breathtaking music. It is divided by sections, each of which is dedicated to a particular band’s album and contains not only musical instruments, hand-written lyrics etc but also many pieces of art that had a great cultural impact on live rock performance. Each section is definitely a small world that really amazed and impressed me. The last part of an exhibition is a live show which contains a great lighting and even laser show. Everything is just beyond the imagination!!!

Pink Floyd Early Years

The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973

Wish You Were Here, 1975

The Wall, 1979

A momentary Lapse of Reason, 1987

The Division Bell, 1994


Shine on beautiful Verona!

My summer trip to Verona was a great combination of amazing views and amazing music!

Verona is the city of glorious medieval buildings and beautiful bridges. It has been named a UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site because of importance of many historical buildings. All those views amazed me, especially tiny streets which lead to a historic center and very beautiful “piazzas”. Sometimes sightseeing can become boring but it impossible to happen in Verona, you can feel the vibes of the city, its ambiance.

It’s really an incredible feeling when you’re exploring the city, first settlement of which probably dates back to the 1st century BC. It’s even difficult to imagine what happened back then on those streets, in those houses etc, which remain the same until nowadays.

Verona is famous for its Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, found in the city’s largest piazza, the Piazza Bra. It was completed around 30 AD. I was lucky to see this amazing Arena not only from outside, but also inside, attending the concert of legendary David Gilmour.

I was traveling to Verona in July, one of the hottest months there, so it was difficult to explore the city all day long, but it’s absolutely not a problem because you can take a break enjoying a cup of delicious cappuccino or a glass of Aperol Spritz and Italian ice-cream at one of those small and cozy cafes. By the way, once you try Italian ice-cream, you can’t stop eating it!

I will definitely come back to Verona once again!


David Gilmour returns to Pompeii

David Gilmour returns to Pompeii with a thrilling concert at historic and such a mysterious venue. It was totally unexpected venue for 2 his concerts on the 2016 European “Rattle that lock” tour. It’s the first time any of Pink Floyd members played there since filming their cult-hit concert with no audience in 1972.

When I just entered the amphitheater, I was totally amazed by the scenery, beautiful stage, Mr. Screen and blue sky above which suddenly turned to black and fires lit up around the venue. Such a breathtaking view! The sound was amazing, crystal clear and so detailed! Visual effects of the show were also very special, the entire venue was used as a lighting rig.

After “The great gig in the sky” David told the audience “It’s lovely to be back here in this beautiful place after all these years, amongst the audience and ghosts, ancient and recent”, remembering the greatest Richard Wright.

It’s undoubtedly a night to remember, impressive event which happens once in a lifetime. Anfiteatro di Pompei is a very mystical place, you really feel that you’re surrounded by the ghosts of the past there..

Many thanks to David and his band for making it happen, great show that I will never forget! 

A great Pink Floyd exhibition was also opened in the underground passages of the Anfiteatro di Pompei. The exhibition, curated by “Live at Pompeii” movie director Adrian Maben, features rare photos, memorabilia and interviews. Absolutely worth seeing!