Beautiful Kaliningrad region on the Baltic sea shore


Kant museum

Magnificent museum named after Kant is located on the Kant island. The collection of the museum includes a variety of exhibits related to the history of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad, with the life and scientific activities of the great German philosopher.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of the World Ocean

Observation deck Mayak

Homlins workshop

Homlins are small and cute dwarfs who work hard throughout their lives and create amber works that are known in the whole world. There are total of seven homlins in Kaliningrad, which are located in the different places of the city, near the important landmarks.

Amber museum



Cat museum

Cat museum is the largest art collection of cats images which is located in the old water tower, the symbol of Zelenogradsk. There is an observation deck in the dome of the tower which offers beautiful views of the city and sea.

House of Angels

Museum “House of Angels” located in a small beautiful mansion is very nice and kind place with private art collection of more than 1000 unique exhibits from different countries.

Christmas is all around!

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