Buddy Guy’s Birthday Bash at Legends

Buddy Guy’s Birthday Bash was a really great sold out event which took place at Buddy’s club in Chicago.
The Legend turned 81 young, but he is still touring all year, traveling all over the world, recording new music and his live performances are the greatest I have ever seen.
When Buddy is around, the place is filled with smiles, happiness and great vibes!

Many great musicians were playing that night, Marty Sammon and his band played an amazing show, everyone at the club absolutely enjoyed it, actually Marty was playing pretty much the whole night, filling the venue with real blues!
The rising star Quinn Sullivan was jamming with great guitarist Carmen Venderberg.

Then another young and super talented guitar player Leilani Kilgore appeared on stage with Earl Slick.

Jamiah Rodgers took the stage with a solo performance. It was really amazing to be surrounded by so many talented musicians, who absolutely enjoy what they are doing.

The show was continued by the two absolutely great musicians Toronzo Cannon and Kate Moss.

Gary Clark Jr. came to Chicago to celebrate Buddy’s Birthday too but unfortunately he didn’t play that night.
Buddy usually doesn’t play during his Birthday celebrations but this time he appeared on stage. The audience immediately began to dance and sing along!
Overall it was an awesome night of Blues! Buddy is still keeping blues alive, he is an inspiration to so many great musicians!



Toronzo Cannon’s Chicago way

Chicago Bluesman Toronzo Cannon is a very talented and charismatic guitarist, singer and songwriter. “He is trying to tell the truth every time he sings the blues” © I think this quote from Buddy Guy’s lyrics fully describes the way Toronzo writes his music. His songs are very personal, his life is an inspiration. I think this fact makes him such a unique artist and proves his connection with the audience. I’ve seen Toronzo just once, he was playing at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago, and I was impressed by his show so much. Toronzo and his band sound absolutely great!

Some more information about Toronzo and his band can be found here: