Snowy winter 2020/2021

Moscow North River Terminal

Moscow North River Terminal (built in 1937) is one of two passenger terminals of river transport in Moscow. The terminal, port and park was reconstructed in the beginning of 2020 and now look very festive with all Christmas decorations and first snow. It’s also a great place to enjoy winter sunset colors!


Serednikovo estate located in Moscow suburbs represents Russian neoclassical architecture of the 18th century. The estate is surrounded by a magnificent garden with round pond and canals. Serednikovo is a place where Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841), one of the greatest and most famous Russian poets, used to spend summer holidays.

Archangel Michael’s Church

This church is the oldest surviving building on the Arkhangelskoe estate dating from the mid-17th century.


Arkhangelshoe museum-estate consists of a palace with terraced park which has one of the biggest collections of park sculptures in the world, a landscape park, a theatre built in 1817-18 on the project of famous Italian architect and painter Pietro Gonzago, a small palace “Caprice” and pavilion Small Tea House. This is a great place to spend snowy winter day walking among beautiful buildings and sculptures surrounded by the forest and close to the Moskva river.


Tsaritsyno is a palace museum and park reserve in the south of Moscow which includes an architectural complex of Greenhouses, historical landscaped park with ponds. It was founded in 1776 by the order of Catherine the Great and built by two great architects Vasiliy Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov.

The Church of the Icon of the Mother of God (Храм Иконы Божьей Матери) was built in 1722 and is the part of Tsaritsyno Palace and park ensemble.


Abramtsevo Museum Reserve is one of the most famous art museums in Russia. The history of Abramtsevo is associated with the names of artists Segey Aksakov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Repin, Vasiliy Polenov, Valentin Serov and Savva Mamontov. Dozens of paintings which are internationally treasured now were created there. Abramtsevo was founded in 18th century.

The architectural gem of Abramtsevo is the Church of the Savior (Церковь Спаса Нерукотворного Образа), built by architect Pavel Samarin, according to designs by the artists Victor Vasnetsov and Vasily Polenov.

Izmaylovo Kremlin

Izmaylovo Kremlin is a cultural center with Russian Revival-style museums, workshops & markets, located near the Izmaylovo estate.


Izmaylovo Estate was a country residence of the House of Romanov. The present-day Court retains two sets of palace gates, a cathedral and a barbican tower built in the 1670s-1680s.

Intercession Cathedral (Храм Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы) was build between 1671 and 1679, replacing an earlier wooden church. The four-pillar, red-brick cathedral features five black domes and upper section is decorated with colorful porcelain tiles.


Ostankino Park

Church of the Holy Trinity in Ostankino

The first wooden Trinity Church was built in 1585 and was destroyed in the Time of Troubles. In 1625-27 Prince Cherkassky built a new wooden church. In 1692 a stone church in the name of the Trinity was build which with some modifications survives to this day.

Chernigovsky skete

The Chernigovsky skete in Sergiev Posad is a unique monastery, known for hand-dug monk cells and prayer caves. The skete was founded in 1847.

Боголюбская мужская киновия Троице-Сергиевой Лавры


Kuskovo museum complex in Moscow is a summer estate of the Sheremetev family built in 18th century and includes Summer palace, Grotto, Italian house, Kuskovo Church and Tower bell, Hermitage in English landscape garden, the Dutch house and Orangeries. Grotto pavilion was constructed between 1755 and 1761 and was intended to represent the palace of the King of the Seas. Interior was made of whorled seashells of 24 different types which were delivered from the Mediterranean, Red, Black seas, the Sea of Japan, and reservoirs of the Moscow region.

Sviblovo estate and Holy Trinity Church

Beautiful church with a bell-tower is located over the Yauza river on a high hill overlooking the river and the valley. The name of the manor is connected with the name of one of the towers of the Kremlin – Sviblovo.


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