Armenia, September 2022


Zvartnots Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the middle of vineyards and trees dazzled with apricots and cherries while Ararat peeks in from the background. Built in the 7th-century AD, Zvartnots Cathedral was a rare architectural monument because of its unique design. Before the earthquake in the 10th-century AD destroyed Zvartnots Cathedral, it was the biggest and oldest church of Armenia throughout its history.

Saint Gayane Church


Vagharshapat is an ancient city in Armavir region founded in the 2nd century CE and one of the most important religious and cultural centers of Armenia.

Agape Refectory Restaurant

Agape is one of the oldest restaurant in the region with authentic armenian cuisine. It has been founded in the 17th century. The building is protected by UNESCO.

Saint Hripsime Church


Kecharis Monastery

Medieval monastic complex dating back to the 11th century, located in the ski resort town of Tsakhkadzor.

Sevanavank Monastery

Sevanavank Monastery was formed from two churches build in 874 AD and located on the shore of Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is a national landmark, it is by far the largest body of water in Armenia, taking up 5% of the country’s territory.

Vaskenian Theological Academy

Ararat mountain view from Yerevan

Colorful streets of Yerevan

Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park

Republic Square

Charles Aznavour Square

Dalan Art Gallery and Cafe Abovyan 12

Freedom Square

Hrazdan Gorge

Cascade Complex

Night vibes in the city of Jazz and dancing fountains


Sunny St.Petersburg, July 2022

Streets of sunny St.Petersburg

Summer garden

Savior on the Spilled Blood Church

The Cathedral was being built from 1883 to 1907 on the place, where tragic event had happened. On 1st of March 1881, Emperor Alexander II, who had been going to the parade of troops on the Field of Mars, was mortally wounded here. His son, Alexander III, ordered to build a church on this spotto. Not only Russians, but also residents of other Slavic countries donated money for the construction of the church. On the walls of the bell tower, there are more than a hundred mosaic coats of arms of the cities and towns that participated in fundraising.

Beautiful details of St.Petersburg streets

Yusupov Gardens

Peterhof Palace on the shores of the Gulf of Finland

Smolny Cathedral and Historical Museum

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest orthodox church and the fourth largest cathedral in the world.

Karlsson Haus theater

Karl Bulla Photomuseum

Beautiful museum of photography named after Karl Bulla, who was a German-Russian photographer and often referred to as a “father of Russian photo-reporting”. I also liked the balcony with the panoramic view which gives an opportunity to compare the modern look of St.Petersburg with historical photographs.

Alexandrinsky Theatre

“Semimostie” (Plave of Seven Bridges)

The view of “Semimostie” is opened from the Pikalov bridge over Griboedov Canal, from where you can see six more bridges: Krasnogvardeyskiy, Novo-Nikolsky and Mogilevsky over Griboedov Canal and Staro-Nikolsky, Smezhny and Kashin – over Kryukov Canal.

New Holland Island

Neva river embankments

Penaty Estate Museum

Penaty is estate museum of the great painter Ilya Repin which was his home for 30 years. It contains 600 of his works. The house is located in the seaside area of Gulf of Finland and surrounded by the beautiful garden, the painter’s grave is also located there.

Art center Berthold

Ryumochnaya (Vodkaroom) №1

Traktir on Gorokhovaya street

English Pub My friends

100 years old art cafe Podval Brodyachey Sobaki (Stray dog basement)

Club-museum Kamchatka

In the beginning it was just a boiler house called Kamchatka. The history of this spot began in the summer of 1986. One of the most famous Russian rock singers had been working there as a stoker for 3 years. Here he started his way to the big stage.

Summer sunsets and great musicians playing in front of Winter Palace

White nights and bridges on Neva river

Bronze Horseman and Palace Square

City landmark commisioned by Catherine the Great, named for a Pushkin poem and completed in 1782.

Foggy sunsets on the way from St.Petersburg to Moscow


Summertime 2021

Moscow Botanical Garden

The Tsytsin Main Moscow Botanical Garden was founded in April 1945, and claims itself to be the largest botanical garden in Europe. It covers a territory of approximately 3.61 km² and contains a live exhibition of more than twenty thousand different species of plants coming from various parts of the world. 

Japanese Garden

Ostankino Park

Church of the Holy Trinity in Ostankino

The first wooden Trinity Church was built in 1585 and was destroyed in the Time of Troubles. In 1625-27 Prince Cherkassky built a new wooden church. In 1692 a stone church in the name of the Trinity was build which with some modifications survives to this day.