Golden autumn in Ryazan region


The village of Konstantinovo is the place where one of the greatest Russian poets Sergey Esenin was born. Large parts of the village have been preserved as they looked during his time here, including his parents farmstead where he spent his childhood. This place is also worth visiting to see very beautiful nature around the river Oka which flows next to it.

House where Sergey Esenin was born and spent his childhood.

Солотчинский Рождества Богородицы женский монастырь.

Solotcha is a small resort village located on the banks of Oka river, 30 mins drive from Ryazan, surrounded by protected forests. One of the most important sights of the village is a glorious monastery which was built in 1390 on a high bank of Staritsa river by Oleg Ryazanskiy.

Beautiful nature of Solotcha

House museum of artist Ivan Pozhalostin was built in 1880 according to his own design. After Pozhalostin’s death, famous writers worked in the house: A.P. Gaidar, K. Paustovsky, R. Fraerman.


Ryazan Kremlin

The Ryazan Kremlin is the oldest part of the city of Ryazan, a historical and architectural open-air museum and one of the oldest museums in Russia. It is believed that fortifications have existed where the Ryzan Kremlin now stands since the end of the 11th century. A four-tier bell tower is one of the tallest bell towers in Russia standing at 86 metres tall, including a 25 metre gold-coated spire.

Museum of the history of Ryazan lollipop

Oka river

Old Town Hotel in Ryazan

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