Deep Purple “The Long Goodbye Tour”, London

Deep Purple can never disappoint! Absolutely great musicians, incredible acoustics, setlist which included some classics and new songs that sound really cool live. The sound was amazing, crystal clear and so detailed! Visual effects of the show were very special too.  

I still hope it will not be their goodbye tour, and they continue making people around the world happy with their music and live shows!



The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism in Chicago

The Rolling Stones exhibition at Navy Pier in Chicago is a great experience for every Rolling Stones fan or every fan of music history overall. When you enter the exhibition, there is “All access with Paul Natkin” gallery, which features amazing shots of the band taken by the greatest and legendary photographer. The photo exhibition is going along with video interview with Paul about his relationship and touring with Stones ( It is absolutely worth seeing this video. Paul can tell so many stories about the times touring with Stones, some hilarious moments, even details of stage design and many more. I was honored and lucky to have a guided tour by Paul which made the exhibition more interesting and valuable to me.

Rolling Stones_0001

Exhibitionism does not lack for content. It includes a great collection of music, vintage guitars, rare instruments and lyric books, photography, stage designs, personal diaries and letters, fashion items.

It’s an incredible journey to the Rolling Stones world beginning with their early days living in a one-bedroom flat in Edith Grove which was recreated as a part of exhibition. This flat looks hilarious, it is impossible to find any place without unwashed dished or empty bottles. But there was an impressive collection of classic blues LPs instead. I think it is a great idea to show us their way of living at those times.

What follows are sound mixing boards and the recreation of their studio with an amazing amount of guitars and other musical instruments.

Of course, it is impossible to miss different variations and installations connected with one of the most iconic band’s logos in the history of rock music. This “Tongue and lips” logo could be found almost everywhere through the exhibition but there was also a section explaining its original design.

Other artworks include original paintings by Andy Warhol.

Rolling Stones_0031

The Rolling Stones were one of the pioneers of the spectacular live shows, so their stage designs were really mind blowing. It was very interesting to see scale models of the stages and a video explaining the main concepts behind them and realize how much work had been done to make shows so spectacular.

The collection of stage wear and costumes is very impressive and contains iconic stage outfits from the beginning of their careers to nowadays.

The exhibition culminates in a backstage recreation and great 3D live recording of Satisfaction which makes you feel attending the Rolling Stones concert!



The Magpie Salute is a Salute to the great Music!

The Magpie Salute was formed by Rich Robinson in 2016, the band also features 9 other great musicians: former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien, John Hogg on vocals, Argentinian guitarist Nico Bereciartua, drummer Joe Magistro, Matt Slocum on keys and backing singers Charity White, Adrien Reju, Katrine Ottosen. This combination of 10 piece band produces the high standard music and all of them sound really amazing together.

I saw their show at the legendary club in Chicago called Metro, where they played 2 nights, each of which was sold out. The band was playing more than 2 hours, and seems that they didn’t want to stop! They have limitless ability to deliver a totally different setlist, which is mind blowing. The audience was thrilled to recognize the next song they would hear. Actually people were really enjoying the show, singing along, dancing and supporting the band. I think it is the main measure of success. This is understandable, the band loves and respect their audience, playing long hours of high quality music.

It was amazing to see so many phenomenal musicians on one stage. Their music can’t be defined as one particular style, it is a combination of rock, blues and soul which makes their sound so unique. They were playing not only new Magpie Salute songs, but also Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin covers, the set was divided into acoustic and electric parts.

It is absolutely worth seeing them not only for Black Crowes fans, but for everyone who love great music of different styles! The Magpie Salute is a salute to the great music!

Evgenia Mikhaylova, Instagram: @janem87, Facebook: /evgenia.mikhaylova.5